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Re: Not a discussion list?

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On 2004-03-03 11:55, Sajith VK wrote:
> Hello,
> 	Freeduc is popular here. Recently one Indian
> Linux magazine,("Linux for you") distributed freeduc-cd
> with there magazine.

> One problem I faces with 
> skolelinux is that its based on Kde, but gnome is
> suggested in our curriculum.

Is there a particular reason for that suggestion (if so which)?

Skolelinux uses KDE in a large part due to the much more active l10n effort 
in of KDE (KDE 3.2. has complete support for 42 languages and partial 
support for 32 more languages). 

Also as Marius pointed KDE worked better for us on thin clients

> (See I didnt used skolelinux yet, there maybe a gnome version too)
gnome isn't on the install CD, buts it's only an apt-get away

> Also it is knoppix based,(isn't it?) 
> But we use morphix 
> because it is modular. IN all other aspects skolelinux seems
> to be great....

the livecd (skoleknoppix) is indead knoppix based, the rest of skolelinux is 
standard Debian (almost right now, and we're getting there :)

> > At OFSET we would have been happy to see other cooperating with us to
> > produce the next Freeduc-cd but we did not fully succeed in that.
> > However we are very interested cooperating with Skolelinux because it
> > bring a complementary answer to Freeduc-cd.

we currently have 4 at least slightly different setups:
- - skolelinux workstation (non-livecd)
- - freeeduc (knoppix based?)
- - skoleknoppix (knoppix based)
- - your livecd (does it have a name yet?) (morphix based)

this will hopefully lead to the following in time:
1. the 3 livecd efforts cooperating/merging so as to avoid dupplication of 
work (how to get there, and wether to make it knoppix or morphix based, is 
off course up the people involved in all three efforts to discuss). 
2. that environment provided by the livecd and that provided by the 
workstation/standalone profiles should converge so they are the 
	-> first step here is I think comparing the provided software, to find out 
             what software is available in Skolelinux/freeeduc/yourCD that's
            missing from the others          
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