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Re: Not a discussion list?

	Freeduc is popular here. Recently one Indian
Linux magazine,("Linux for you") distributed freeduc-cd
with there magazine. 
Cobaco pointed me to skolelinux english pages. We are
seriously looking at it. One problem I faces with
skolelinux is that its based on Kde, but gnome is
suggested in our curriculum.
(See I didnt used skolelinux yet, there maybe a gnome version too)
Also it is knoppix based,(isn't it?) But we use morphix
because it is modular. IN all other aspects skolelinux seems 
to be great....

I will be on vecation from 7th to 12th. we may contact skolelinux
team after that.....
> , 
> I am one of the guy behind Freeduc-cd from OFSET
> (http://www.ofset.org/freeduc-cd). I want to emphasis that the
> Freeduc-cd project has been supported by the UNESCO.
> You are absolutely true when you say Freeduc is good for demonstration.
> We have developped Freeduc-cd (since 2002) for this exact purpose to let
> know to the teacher which education oriented applications are available
> out there. Also as we wanted to emphasis the application and not the
> Desktop we have choosen a light but consistant Desktop (XFCE 3).  The
> Desktop has been set up so it is usable in various European language,
> you just need to set (knoppix lang=xx) at the boot time (Where xx can be
> fr, it, en, es, de, nl, cs)
> In Freeduc you will find very unique feature as embedded WIMS server
> (http://wims.unice.fr) to manage virtual mathematic classroom, a
> dictionnary server and a wide range of application as some cool one as
> Xrmap (a simple but effective SIG). For an almost complete list of
> applications see the page at http://www.ofset.org/freeduc-cd. There you
> will find documentation 
> At OFSET we would have been happy to see other cooperating with us to
> produce the next Freeduc-cd but we did not fully succeed in that.
> However we are very interested cooperating with Skolelinux because it
> bring a complementary answer to Freeduc-cd.
> Please Sajith considers cooperating if you found it relevant.
> Best regards,
> Hilaire
> -- 
> CDDP des Landes
> Ingénierie Éducative
> 614, rue du Ruisseau - BP 401
> 40012 Mont de Marsan Cedex
> Tél.
> http://crdp.ac-bordeaux.fr/cddp40
"Freedom Matters"
Sajith VK

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