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Re: Not a discussion list?

> But who else is Here?
> What are your particular situations? and,
> What do you hope to achieve?

And me:
I am From India, and am trying to spread the news of 
Free Softwares here. Several school teachers have shown interest
in Free Softwares. 
Several school teachers complainted about unavailablity of
Educational softwares in the Distrbutions they uses. So I searched
a lot for an Education GNU/Linux. Freeduc from ofset seems tobe 
good for demonstration, but not enough for our schools.

So We decided to make one ourselves. The very first version
is almost ready, and we wish to continue the effort.
(Not yet uploaded, will be done in three weeks). Its based on
Morphix, a fine solution to get debian GNU/Linux installed.

So how can I contribute?
	I wont be able to make packages etc.. Instead I can
send bug reports. Also I am trying several applications 
available for education. I can suggest good one which
is not yet in debian. Anything else?
"Freedom Matters"
Sajith VK

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