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Re: Not a discussion list?

cobaco wrote:
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On 2004-03-02 10:08, Sajith VK wrote:

I joined the list on the assumption that Its the discussion
group for those worling for DebianEdu, and hence I too can
get a lot from them.

correct assumption

But I get only "autogenerated" style mails. Is there anyother list which for debianEdu?
Or am I in currect place or is it the list for package maintainers
If it is the list, why all these "autogenerated" mails reaches
the list?(Which forces peoples like me go away)....

no there's currently no other list, the reason for the autogenerated mails is that the list adres is used as the maintainer address for the debian-edu packages which means bugs etc. are send to the list.

To All:
maybe we should request a debian-edu-devel list to be created to handle packaging issues and bugs?

It's a thought, but this list has only just really been initiated into its' relevent role. I joined the list before Skolelinux migrated, all you could hear was the wind blowing through the empty houses.

I think a lot of us have been sitting back, and watching what has been happening, and now that someone has started talking and we can see it's not fatal, we could probably continue doing it.

Now that the English speaking aspect of Skolelinux has moved over here, I think that there is a lot of potential within an educational distribution with suggestions for growth in directions that are not necessarily Norse oriented. Not that there's anything wrong with a Norse orientation, but within a different environment, requirements may well be different.

Let's start something off.
Who exactly do we have on this list, and what potential do you see, or hope to realise from Debian-edu? For myself, I'm looking at starting off something educational with Debian, but in a classroom setting of age groups from nine years to perhaps fourteen years, and after that extending onwards, following through as they get older.

I am beginning to think that for my purposes that I may as well start off with Debian proper, and just apt-get what applications I require and work off a small server for the classroom. I am thinking that also giving small boxes to staff members to play with, so that they can prepare lesson formats (Gnumeric/Gnucash for a maths teacher, and Abiword to an English teacher for composition exercises, and both to a commercial teacher).
But who else is Here?
What are your particular situations? and,
What do you hope to achieve?
If we can achieve interaction between developers and educators, I believe that we can have a win/win situation in true open source fashion.


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