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Re: [Debian-NYC] squeeze release party - now w/ timing info!

Hi Thomas,

On Fri, Feb 04, 2011 at 02:38:34PM +0100, Thomas Krichel wrote:
>   If there is a refuge for the football-uninterested, I'd definitely
>   come. I'd be interested in installing a debian system with a 
>   on a disk inside a debian system. I will bring an (IDE) disk.
>   Last time I tried this it did not work for me, the new disk
>   just would not boot. 

You are certainly not the only person to ask about activities other than
football. Those will indeed happen. My folks were lucky/smart enough to get a
3.5br/2.5ba apartment back when the housing bubble hadn't yet started, NYC's
major financial troubles weren't that far in the past, and Prospect Heights was
a dangerous/bad/therefore-cheap neighborhood. Quite different now, of course,
but it means we can do more than one thing at once in different parts of the

I will also bring my useful set of screwdrivers, my internal-HD-to-USB adapter
(should work with the IDE disk), and a homebrew-and-Nintendo-friendly Wii
(since I know at least one Debian-NYC regular is bringing a 12-year-old along
with his girlfriend). Someone else ought to bring the Debian mirror which
Richard has to offer.

>   An indication about a start time would be welcome.

Having spoken to my folks, it should be fine for people to arrive in the 4-6pm
range and leave in the 10pm-midnight range. 

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
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