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Re: [Debian-NYC] Welcome to the "DebianNYC" mailing list

On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 05:15:01PM -0500, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> turning archiving off and making it moderated the way it was (?) before
> would resolve the issue I guess, right?

I think it was publically archived (and indexed by search engines) but
had non-subscriber posts moderated. It should definitely not be any more
restricted than that.

> > . This list is actually hosted and administered by someone located in NY
> list at lists.debian.org can be moderated by NY person too... If it has
> to be a Debian developer, I can take the burden of the duty, but may be
> anyone else (like you) could moderate it -- I am not sure since I never
> owned a mailing list at lists.debian.org

I'd be available to moderate too - I'm a DD and am in NYC. (Hi! Haven't
been in NYC very often for the last few years while at university but am
born and raised here. My name shows up in some of the old debian-nyc-soc

I support the comments about keeping a social focus to this mailing
list. That said, creating a Debian user group could be a really neat
experiment, but would be rather different than what this has been so
far, and would overlap far more with other NYC groups than debian-nyc
has so far.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
DebianNYC mailing list

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