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Re: [Debian-NYC] Welcome to the "DebianNYC" mailing list

> A couple reasons why I'm not hot on doing that:
> . The Debian mailing lists are public forums. I can imagine people wanting
> to convey personal data on this list that they do not want to be
> archived/indexed for the world to see. For example if I were to invite
> everyone over to my place for a party, I'm going to think twice about
> sending the address and phone number to a public list. 
turning archiving off and making it moderated the way it was (?) before
would resolve the issue I guess, right?

> . This list is setup and running finally, after various machinations to
> resolve the problems. I had looked through the last month+ of available
> archives in the previous list to look for addresses to send a CC list
> around asking for ideas of where to host the list. Rachael volunteered
> and the only other suggestion was Google Groups.
although it is running now, there is no guarantee that it would be
running as long as debian project exists.

> . This list is actually hosted and administered by someone located in NY
list at lists.debian.org can be moderated by NY person too... If it has
to be a Debian developer, I can take the burden of the duty, but may be
anyone else (like you) could moderate it -- I am not sure since I never
owned a mailing list at lists.debian.org

> . I looked at lists.debian.org to see if there were any other social
> lists and didn't find any.
yeap -- that is why I filed a bug ;-)

> . Your bug #454642 is for dug-nyc, aka Debian Users Group, which serves  a
> different purpose of group than a social list, which this is.
probably a good point -- I don't see huge difference though and we can
comment on a bug to make it 'social' mailing list which I guess would
be different only in the name and description

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