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Re: feedback wanted for new devanagari font

Quoting Alexei Vanyashin (2015-01-25 16:19:57)
> The project has been renamed to Sumana Devanagari,  since the vertical 
> metrics in Lora Devanagari and Lora are different,  and will continue 
> to develop under this repo: 
> https://github.com/cyrealtype/Sumana-Devanagari

Nice name change :-)

README.md contains a typo: Sankrit → Sanskrit.

> Have you managed to solve the PDF rendering issue?

Seems you misunderstood: Pavithran pointed out that the PDF _you_ 
produced seems to have an issue with rendering the fonts correctly.  
Seems most sensible that _you_ try update your system and re-render that 
PDF :-)

The past months I have learned a bunch about XeLaTeX, and Pavithran's 
comment did provoke me to try create a test page, attached this email 
with source at http://source.jones.dk/devanagari.git/ .

Can some of you suggest a nice devanagari text to use for such demo 
page? - preferrably something related to flowers.

 - Jonas

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