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feedback wanted for new devanagari font

Hi India Debianistas (cc Alexei),

A friend of mine, Alexei Vanyashin, has recently added devanagari to the 
beautiful font Lori, and seek help from people more native to devanagari 
than him (as you might have guessed he is russian).

Please see <https://github.com/cyrealtype/Lora/tree/master/devanagari> 
and either install and play with the actual font files or look at the 
PDFs, and share your opinions.  Perhaps you spot some technicalities 
(that line doesn't go there in this combo) or perhaps you even have 
opinion on its "feel" not beeing equal in devanagari as its latin and 
cyrillic parts.

Come along - anyone can be an expert here!

If you feel shy then post directly to Alexei (or if you like then to me 
and I will forward it), but perhaps if not then I suggest to reply here 
to the list: If it spurs a debate I am sure that would be quite helpful 
to Alexei. :-)


 - Jonas

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