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Re: Proposal for new fully free distro based on Debian

Jonas Smedegaard എഴുതി:
> Quoting Pirate Praveen (2015-01-25 15:47:17)>> My suggestion is to have hamara as a pure Debian blend and swaraj a 
>> 100% libre version of hamara. That way we avoid duplication and cover 
>> everyone's needs.> I see no need nor benefits for Swaraj to derive from a derivation, and 
> benefits for all in Swaraj deriving directly from Debian.
> ...but that might simply be that I do not understand¹ goal and vision of 
> Swaraj GNU/Linux.

Because Idea of hamara and swaraj differs only in FSF blessing.

Hamara wants to focus on Indian needs (I prefer doing it directly in Debian, because anyway it is only a rebranding work and not really made in India. Unlike proprietary technology there is no extra advantage for made in India when it comes to Free Software. We are self sufficient because we have complete access to technology.).

Swaraj just wants FSF blessing in addition to what Hamara is trying to achieve.

I do consider FSF blessing important.

>  - Jonas
> ¹ ...or merely because I choose to consider FSF blessing unimportant> -- 
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