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Re: Installing Debian from one hard-disk to another hard-disk.

Quoting sooraj kenoth (2014-08-25 15:51:38)
> 2014-08-25 14:29 GMT+05:30 shirish शिरीष :
>> Why are you sharing etch release documentation. Are you running 
>> Debian Etch is version 4.0 way out of support infrastructure 
>> (released 2007 - official support ended 2010).
> That was the only document I could find.
> I just want to run the Debian/Ubuntu installer from existing 
> installation without remastering it, or without converting it to a 
> live disk image.
> Here I have a GNU/Linux installation. I am looking for an installer 
> which can be run as an application as any other application, but with 
> root privilege, to do a linux installation to an another drive.

You want something between these two extremes:

 a) copy system from one disk to another, and adapt for new hardware
 b) install a fresh system and adapt it to match the old one

At the most basic level, you can do b) from your old system by use of 
low-level tool debootstrap (or alternatives cdebootstrap or multistrap).

...or you can use some tool that calls debootstrap for you and automates 
more parts of the migration - but the more the tool does for you, the 
higher the risk that it does it "wrong" - i.e. preserves things you 
didn't want preserved or vice versa.

What I prefer to do myself is this:

 a) install a basic system (unselect all!) with debian-installer
 b) resolve which packages you had installed on your old system:
    apt-mark showmanual
 c) install the resolved list of packages on new system
 d) move over other data...

I am developing a tool - boxer - to help structure this process for many 
similar systems.  You are quite welcome to try play with that tool, but 
beware it is far from polished yet.  If interested, I suggest you join 
#debian-in on IRC, where Vasudev and I are collaborating on that.

 - Jonas

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