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Re: Installing Debian from one hard-disk to another hard-disk.

2014-08-25 14:29 GMT+05:30 shirish शिरीष :

> Why are you sharing etch  release documentation. Are you running
> Debian Etch is version 4.0 way out of support infrastructure (released
> 2007 - official support ended 2010).

That was the only document I could find.

I just want to run the Debian/Ubuntu installer from existing
installation without remastering it, or without converting it to a
live disk image.

Here I have a GNU/Linux installation. I am looking for an installer
which can be run as an application as any other application, but with
root privilege, to do a linux installation to an another drive.

I simply tried it using ubiquity. During the installation it will
return an error message as it failed to find CD/DVD Rom. What I
understood is, it will try to load some files from CD/DVD. I want load
the same/similar file from hard-disk instead of loading it from
CD/DVD. I think these files are vmlinuz and initrd.gz.

Sooraj Kenoth
"I am Being the Change I Wish to See in the World"

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