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Re: some thoughts

Hi all,
 Grr.... I should have asked to be CC:ed on the replies. Anyways please CC me.

This is in response to Praveen's take on the matter.

Yes, Praveen had tried it. And this is a problem when we do
merchandising once in a while. Its a pain when you have to visit x
number of shops, see their designs or know/figure out if they can do
something that you want and deliver things in time. Also, getting
funding for this sort of thing is also an issue.

Remember me cautioning Praveen for the same. The fact is we are no marketeers.

I do disagree however that we do not need to court developers. From
what little I know and perceive of developers they do like bling as
much as the next guy. For instance see the merchandise page on the
Debian wiki http://wiki.debian.org/Merchandise as to how each time
they did something to celebrate each of the Debconf's so far.

While I'm not in the shape for volunteering for Debian goodies at this
moment in time, I do see in it a good small business for anybody who
has a bit of entrepreneurial skills or wants to try out.

Frankly I would bought the Debian T-shirt if it had the same quality
as the Chamba T-shirt (the T-shirt looked good and the cloth was also
of good quality) .
I would go for T-shirts, keychains, anything small which could also be
used to giveaway to friends or people.  (which I also feel good

If nothing else, even if we have sell 100 DVD's or something with the
Debian stickers it should sell like hot-cakes.

I used to do it a lot few years ago talking on the booth-stand where
you just have a comp. and you talk/share with people some of the stuff
you know. We also used to get bookings for number of DVD collections.
Something like Debian Edu used to be a huge hit with parents. I don't
think the motivations for people have changed till then. It also
serves as  a good interface to meet prospective clients as well (you
know, do desktop installs and provide small-time support and things
like that).

The only thing required is just some self-motivated boots on the ground.

Again please CC me if you reply.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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