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some thoughts

Hi all,
I have not subscribed actively to the debian-dug-in mailing list so
went through the archives today. Some thoughts on them.

a. I wrote three detailed blog posts and a sorta post-analytical blog
post about the minidebconf pune.





what is/was remarkable to me was the enthusiasm shown by the VALU
volunteers. All the hard work was done by them and they deserve all
the praise.

Now, as far as the mangalore minidebconf is concerned, the mangalore
volunteers seem to be hard to catch. I don't like pointing/calling
people but I was particularly turned off by Abhishek's use of 'they'
for IRC rather than 'we' . Probably he didn't mean it or whatever but
still serves to give a different picture of things.


@Christian/bubulee - you are right about the 1000m climb thing. I am a
Indian Railways enthusiast and try to keep up with whatever's
happening within Indian Railways. A common rule of thumb you should
keep is most of our trains run at 50/60 km/hr. even though we do have
trains which can run around 100/150 km/hr.  See for instance


The reasons are far too many why such trains don't run but mainly not
enough safety personnel and degraded tracks and even when they are
changed, degraded material used. A sort of circuitous dependancy hell
if you will which results in high costs for everybody and unhappy

I am also thinking so we can also do perhaps talk/share/discover some
of the simple security tools at the minidebconf ? I know/like some
tools, maybe somebody else has also this interest. Maybe do some sort
of BOF on that ?

Replies and feedback expected. Please CC me when replying on this thread.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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