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Re: Mini-DebConf Mangalore, October, time for planning?

Quoting Mahesh T. Pai (paivakil@gmail.com):

> If I remember right, if the flight (Mum-M'lore) is domestic leg of an
> int'l flight, it will be from the Int'l terminal. Will see if I can
> find out.

Actually, it won't in this case. It will be a local flight and I have
to buy two different journeys through two different airlines (Qatar
Air and Jet Airways). But I'll have plenty of hours to do that..:)

> I had travelled in one such flight (domestic leg of a Middle east -
> Mumbai via COK) some years back, and remember such announcements about
> transist / transport facilities for travellers wanting to take
> domestic flights. 
> Have you looked at the  Paris - Dubai - M'lore option? 

They seem to be more expensive, indeed. Yes, airline prices
are....just crazy (it's particularly obvious for european users where
there are many concurrent hubs: very often, two-leg flights end of to
be cheaper than one-leg ones.....even on very very very popular
flights such as Paris-New York or the like where there are probably 6
to 8 flights a day operated by at least 3 different airline alliances
--> I ended up, last year, to fly Paris-Dublin-New York.....and the
very very very cheapest option was Paris-Varszaw-New York....just look
at a map and see how crazy this is..:-))

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