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[abhiabhi4426@gmail.com: [scg.nmamit] Preliminary meetup]

Hello all,
We are planning to meet tonight at 930 PM IST to discuss some of the
preliminary stuffs that needs to be done for MiniDebconf NMAMIT.

1. Discussion of Goals of the conference
2. Providing Routemaps so every one can reach the destination
3. Basic prequisities that needs to be arranged

I request all the interested people to gather at #nitte in

P.S Abhishek was supposed to send this mail to in.mini and
debian-dug-in instead he sent it to scg.nmamit so I'm forwarding it on
his behalf.

Best Regards

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Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2011 12:35:03 +0530
From: abhishek jeet <abhiabhi4426@gmail.com>
To: scg.nmamit@librelist.com
Subject: [scg.nmamit] Preliminary meetup

Hello all,

All of them are invited for the IRC chat today at 9:30 pm to discuss the
planning for the up-coming Minideb conference Mangalore.

Connect: OFTC
Channel: #nitte

Thank you.

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Vasudev Kamath
vasudev@joindiaspora.com (Ostatus)

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