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Re: Mini-DebConf Mangalore, October, time for planning?

Quoting Mahesh T. Pai (paivakil@gmail.com):

> You mean you will not be visiting Goa, which is midway between M'lore
> and Mumbai??

I plan to *fly* over it..:-)

> 12 Hrs by road from either end. Or well connected by trains. M'lore -
> Goa (Madgaon train fare will not be more than 2 USD by a day time
> train, and would be approx 4-5 hrs journey. :-D

Add this to a 24h journey from $HOME...:-)

> Hope I have tantalised you enough!!!!
> BTW, keep in mind that the domestic and int'l terminals @ Mumtai are
> different, and they provide free (as in free beer) transit buses
> between the two. I am not aware of exact transfer process though.

Dunno if I used them when I was there in 2007 (connecting to/from
Bengaluru). Probably not as my connection was Air India both for
domestic and intl flight. I actually just remember a big giant mess
and about 1 hour queueing at visa control in Mumbai when
arriving..:-)...and of course my full day spent in Mumbai airport
because of engine problems on my Mumbai-Paris flight (we turned back
while flight over Iran, after 2-3 hours, then came back to Mumbai,
then waited for an entire day!).

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