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Re: Possible *Camp in Dublin in Winter

On 08/11/18 21:23, Daniel Pocock wrote:

> I think that was a double-misunderstanding then: when I wrote "if it
> doesn't need to follow the *Camp pattern too closely", I wasn't
> referring to the naming pattern, rather, I was referring to the
> character of the event.  In other words, I was suggesting that that if
> the character of the event is more flexible, forward to debian-events-eu
> to see who else wants to come to Dublin.

I don't plan on doing a different kind of event, this format seems to
work pretty well. But in any case, once it is defined, it will be
announced in the usual channels.

> Dublin has a lot of free software and Debian enthusiasts who are likely
> to come out of the woodwork when they hear a Debian event is taking
> place.  That is something that couldn't happen so easily when the other
> *Camp events took place away from cities.
> So while I don't want to suggest any more about what the format will be,
> it may be helpful to anticipate a wider range of visitors and people who
> never came to a Debian event before.

Part of the idea of the event is to invite local people that otherwise
might not join a Debian event, but at the same time keep the
work-focused event.

> I'm around Dublin again from 10-20 November.  If anybody wants to meet
> up for pints or keysigning during that time please say so.

Federico and I have been organising more-or-less monthly Debian pints;
we announce that in this list.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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