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Re: Possible *Camp in Dublin in Winter

On 04/11/18 22:00, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> On 04/11/18 20:47, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> Were you hoping for a seasonal theme, a topical theme, or it is
>> completely open at the moment?  If it doesn't need to follow the *Camp
>> pattern too closely, maybe it could be circulated on debian-events-eu
>> and elsewhere, but I didn't want to make any assumptions about that.
> Thanks Daniel, but I really don't want any bikeshedding. The name is
> pretty trivial, and it will be something like RainCamp or somesuch..

After reading about all the fine work of the antiharassment team in
recent announcements, don't you feel it is a bit out of character to
disparage somebody else's input with a comment like bikeshedding?

The question wasn't about the name alone, it was also about ascertaining
the character of the event, e.g. will there be a focus on a technical
topic, or will it be purely social?  Given there aren't a lot of free
software events in Dublin, different people may come expecting different
things, so it may be better to clarify the aims of the event in advance.

Craicamp or EireCamp perhaps?



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