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Re: Possible *Camp in Dublin in Winter

On 04/11/18 20:02, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> Also, suggestions for the name are welcomed :-)

Were you hoping for a seasonal theme, a topical theme, or it is
completely open at the moment?  If it doesn't need to follow the *Camp
pattern too closely, maybe it could be circulated on debian-events-eu
and elsewhere, but I didn't want to make any assumptions about that.

After my blogs, a few people expressed interest in hacking on the home
automation topic in various ways, I ordered more Zigate's than I need
and I'm about to order other gadgets too.  Downstairs, the sitting room
and dining room are joined, 40m2 potentially available for a small
event, walking distance to all the Terenure Village and KCR bus stops.



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