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Re: developer-friendly ISPs in Dublin

On 10/05/18 10:07, Andrew McMillan wrote:
> On Wed, 2018-05-09 at 11:47 +0100, Martín Ferrari wrote:
>> Andrew,
>> On 09/05/18 11:40, Andrew McMillan wrote:
>>> Not as far as I'm aware.  I have previously run my Virgin Media router
>>> in bridge mode with an OpenWRT router
>>> Other than with CGN/DSLite I'm not aware of any issues with blocking
>>> inbound ports.
>> I am interested in this. I would like to do the same, but this router
>> (hub 3.0) does not seem to have an option to put it in router mode. How
>> did you do it?
>> Also, how did you manage the DSLite stuff in openwrt? I found very
>> little info on this on the web
> I did this on a Hub 3.0.  The setting in the router that switches it to
> Bridge mode is labeled "Modem Mode" in the admin menu.
> I'm not on DSLite, so I can't say for sure - I think it should "just
> work" if you accept the WAN address through DHCP though.

DSLite and CGN appears to be a bit risky for certain things and I think
a lot of power-users would be more comfortable knowing they have at
least one IPv4 address on their own device, even if it is dynamic.

Is it possible to get regular dual-stack either using Virgin Media's
business plans or any of the DSL providers, either as residential or
business customer?

Otherwise I might just go for what appears to be the best regular IPv4
service and run IPv6 over VPN until the provider supports it natively.



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