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Re: developer-friendly ISPs in Dublin

On 07/05/18 12:33, Andrew McMillan wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> Here are some really informative links for finding out exactly how much
> support there is for IPv6 in Ireland...
> https://www.virginmedia.ie/search/?q1=ipv6
> https://www.sky.com/new-search?q=ipv6
> https://www.eir.ie/support/search/?q=ipv6
> https://www.google.ie/search?q=site%3Awww.puretelecom.ie+ipv6&oq=site%3Awww.puretelecom.ie+ipv6
> https://n.vodafone.ie/search.html?q=ipv6
> ... so apparently Ireland is 53rd on the list of IPv6 penetration at
> 1.5% ...
> http://www.techcentral.ie/arent-yet-ipv6/
> ... although by current measurement it seems to be 20th ...
> https://labs.apnic.net/dists/v6dcc.html
> I think that some ISPs (Virgin?) are now providing IPv4 connectivity
> through DSLite, even though there's nothing about it on their websites,
> and I've heard that if you request IPv6 that's what you will get.
> As media companies, Virgin & Sky both want to sell bundles with movies,
> TV, etc, etc, so may be best avoided.  If you can't get Fibre1000 at
> the location you're after then Virgin can do 360Mb/36Mb, otherwise the
> normal rates in Dublin Metropolitan area are 100Mb/20Mb.  Your actual
> choice can be quite restricted though.
> This might one day be useful for finding where the FTTH is available,
> but as far as I can see it only currently tells you about cabinet
> locations :-/
> http://fibrerollout.ie/rollout-map/
> Switcher & Bonkers are reasonable resources for price comparison:
> https://switcher.ie/broadband/compare/broadband-packages/
> https://www.bonkers.ie/compare-tv-broadband-phone/

Thanks for all the feedback

Price definitely isn't the main concern for me

Productivity is a higher concern than speed or price: another couple of
things I should have asked about:

- is there any ISP that insists on their own router?  I want to use a
Turris Omnia (OpenWRT), it can work with DSL modems in bridge mode as
long as I have the credentials

- do any of the ISPs (or just some of their plans) block incoming
connections to services like IPsec or SSH?



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