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Re: proposal: "debian/purge"

> Yeah, this is currently a deficiency in dpkg, and should be integrated
> into it properly.

> those should be integrated into dpkg as maintainer-managed
> "conffiles". But in any case, your proposal seems like a partial
> fix for what should be the proper solution
> For 1.18.x I'm planning to get the file metadata tracking in the db,
> the conffiles db and support for dynamically registerd files, which
> should ideally cover the cruft stuff properly.

That would be fine !

If this is limited to /etc, maybe you'd still be interrested in the
debian/purge file
for all the stuff in /var.

> most (if not all) of the examples you list are configuration files,

because most files in /var/{spool | cache | lib | log } are deleted on
purge with a "rm -f * /var/xxx" or "rm -rf * / var/xxx";
so this is just a little bit more complex and needs to implement some
globing in debian/purge files;
I would go with fnmatch(3) or whatever is now standard in dpkg.

>> I would like to contribute code for this if you're interested.
> Sure, let me get 1.17.23 out of the way, and then I'll open up 1.18.x
> and start discussions around the above topics (where I'll gladly Cc
> you too, if you are not subscribed to the list).

I'm subscribed.


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