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Re: proposal: "debian/purge"


On Tue, 2014-12-02 at 12:19:11 +0100, Alexandre Detiste wrote:
> While adopting package "cruft", I found that an objective of original[1]
> author ajt has never been reached.

Yeah, this is currently a deficiency in dpkg, and should be integrated
into it properly.

> This is a new, scaled down proposal: https://wiki.debian.org/Cruft/purge
> that basicaly propose to turn the most easy cases of
> > #debian/postrm
> > if [ "$1" = "purge" ]; then
> >        rm -f /var/lib/somefile
> > fi
> into machine-readable files that only contains the paths
> You may not want to read 30-some mails from 1998 [2] ; I did.
> Some may request to add extra features (like "*" globbing, volatile files);
> but I think this simpler proposal has already many advantages,
> and I don't see any downside; except from depending on a precise dpkg
> on standard-verions.

Hmm, most (if not all) of the examples you list are configuration
files, those should be integrated into dpkg as maintainer-managed
"conffiles". But in any case, your proposal seems like a partial
fix for what should be the proper solution, and asking maintainers
to switch to something that will be changing implies making them
do twice the work for something that is actually pretty trivial

For 1.18.x I'm planning to get the file metadata tracking in the db,
the conffiles db and support for dynamically registerd files, which
should ideally cover the cruft stuff properly.

> I would like to contribute code for this if you're interested.

Sure, let me get 1.17.23 out of the way, and then I'll open up 1.18.x
and start discussions around the above topics (where I'll gladly Cc
you too, if you are not subscribed to the list).

> At first, do you mind If I move my wiki page in the "Teams/Dpkg/Proposals/"
> namespace ?

Not at all, go ahead. We can rework or rename the page later on.


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