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Re: understanding dpkg trigger cycles

Hi again!

On Thu, 2014-12-11 at 13:51:16 +0100, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> Based on this understanding I wrote a script which does the following:
>  1. calculate the set of packages A which declare an "interest" or
>     "interest-await" file trigger (no explicit triggers) in their
>     DEBIAN/triggers control file (Helmut supplied me with an initial list of
>     binary packages to check from the data on lilburn)
>  2. calculate the dependency closure of all packages in the set A
>  3. for each package in A, check if it gets triggered by any of the paths
>     provided by any of the packages in its dependency closure

Could you also take into account explicit triggers that get activated
through activate and activate-await directives? :) It would be a matter
of matching those with the interest(-await) directives.

The only remaining cycles would be the ones activated via dpkg-trigger,
which could probably be detected later on only as an approximated

> Helmut helped me to limit the binary packages to search for DEBIAN/trigger
> files to 136 packages. After downloading and inspecting their content of
> DEBIAN/trigger, 48 packages remained which express an "interest" (without
> noawait) on a path.

(I can provide the list of trigger files with contents if you want, so
that you don't need to download them all.)


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