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Re: proposal: "debian/purge"

(grr, I hate gmail)


While adopting package "cruft", I found that an objective of original[1]
author ajt has never been reached.

This is a new, scaled down proposal: https://wiki.debian.org/Cruft/purge
that basicaly propose to turn the most easy cases of

> #debian/postrm
> if [ "$1" = "purge" ]; then
>        rm -f /var/lib/somefile
> fi
into machine-readable files that only contains the paths

You may not want to read 30-some mails from 1998 [2] ; I did.

Some may request to add extra features (like "*" globbing, volatile files);
but I think this simpler proposal has already many advantages,
and I don't see any downside; except from depending on a precise dpkg
on standard-verions.

I would like to contribute code for this if you're interested.

This fill some of option 2 in the FAQ "Can dpkg handle volatile files",
by making it 'less cumbersome'.

At first, do you mind If I move my wiki page in the "Teams/Dpkg/Proposals/"
namespace ?

Alexandre Detiste


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