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Re: Improving pre checkin requirements for man page translations?


On Sun, 27 Nov 2011, Peter Krefting wrote:
> Raphael Hertzog:
> >>Well, I always see a line with "jenkins" in it and "permission
> >>denied" on commit (can check the exact error message on next
> >>commit), so maybe for some reason not all checkins are
> >>triggering the rebuild?
> >Oh, right this explains it then. I think I fixed it by adding
> >commit rights to translators so that you're part of the scm_dpkg
> >group on Alioth. (Should take effect shortly after some
> >cron-scheduled processing I think)
> I still got the Jenkins error when I committed some updated
> translations, so it is not working fully yet (my Debian/Alioth
> username is peterk).

We will need the help of the Alioth admin (CCed). Dear Alioth admins,
I have modified the translator role of the dpkg project on Alioth to grant
them "commit rights" in the hope to have them added to group "scm_dpkg"
but this did not work.

For example "peterk" is still only member of "dpkg"... he gained no
membership to "scm_dpkg". Can you explain me why or fix this? :)

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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