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Re: Triggers status?

Raphael Hertzog writes ("Re: Triggers status?"):
> Well, either you merge or you use rebase. Using both doesn't make
> much sense!

This branch has already been merged from the trunk once previously,
after I published it for the first time.  There were conflicts to fix
up then too.  So as I understand it that would mean that it's too late
to rebase ?

I think the rebase workflow doesn't really work for something as
substantial as this which has to be published and examined by others
while development continues on the trunk.

> In fact, you can still do the rebase after the merge but it will simply
> try to apply all the patches that are in dpkg.triggers on top of
> dpkg.debian including the merge patch. Which means you'll see the
> conflicts "live" (when the conflicting patch is replayed on top of
> dpkg.debian) and you'll see it again when the merge patch is going to
> be replayed. So really it's not very interesting to merge first if you
> intend to rebase after.



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