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Re: Triggers status?

Ian Jackson writes ("Re: Triggers status?"):
> If I rebase this branch, will this cause trouble for my flex-based
> parser branch, which I took off from the triggers code ?

Following somewhat inconclusive discussion on IRC about these and
related questions, I said I would go away and try this.

Firstly, I had to merge my triggers branch with the latest head.  I've
done this now and the result is in the same place as before:

While doing the merge I found that the triggers patch conflicted with
the change to the semantics of successful postinst completion, which
was made pursuant to bug #443334.

As readers may know, I disagree with that change.  In any case, as the
triggers branch consolidates some of the cleanup postinst
functionality in a single place, it will be more expedient to revert
the patch from #4433334 first and redo it again if it is still felt to
be correct.  So for now I have reverted that change in my triggers
branch.  Obviously I think it should be merged as-is.

I then tried to use rebase, like this:

  cp -a dpkg.triggers dpkg.triggers.rebase
  cd dpkg.triggers.rebase/
  git-fetch ../dpkg.debian master:debian-head
  # where ../dpkg.debian is a straightforward pull of the head
  git-rebase debian-head

This produced a great deal of output including complaints, for
  error: patch failed: debian/control:6
  error: debian/control: patch does not apply
  CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in src/cleanup.c

Just to check that it's not anything wrong with my triggers branch I
did this too:

  cp -a dpkg.debian dpkg.debian.merge
  cd dpkg.debian.merge/
  git pull ../dpkg.triggers

which seemed to work perfectly.


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