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Re: Triggers status?

Colin Watson writes ("Triggers status?"):
> I was wondering what the status of merging Ian's triggers work is; I
> can't find any comments by the dpkg maintainers on it.

I've just been checking up on loose ends so for clarity here is my
view of the situation.

 * The dpkg triggers code should be merged from
   #308285 is relevant but there is no specific bug report for this.

   The control file should declare Conflicts << the current versions
   of apt and aptitude, because those programs need to be changed to
   cope with the new status values.  This will keep the relevant
   version out of testing, and off people's machines, until apt and
   aptitude are upgrade.

   Note that the up-to-date specification of the triggers feature,
   which corresponds to the code, is included in the doc/ directory of
   that package.

   Guillem: in a spirit of trying to have better cooperation, can I
   ask that you if you feel you need to review these changes in detail
   you do so reasonably promptly, and get back to me with your 

 * apt and aptitude need the patches applying for supporting the new
   status values:
    #438547 (apt)
    #438548 (aptitude).

 * There are also some cosmetic improvements to apt[itude] which it
   would be good to include, as otherwise the progress reporting bar
   doesn't accurately reflect the information (or lack of it) about
   trigger processing.  I haven't dug these out and forwarded them to
   the Debian BTS as yet.  Triggers can be deployed in Debian right
   away IMO without waiting for this change.

In parallel, packages can already start making use of the new
functionality.  If this is done correctly it is possible to make a
package which works properly.  In Ubuntu such changes have been
deployed successfully for ldconfig and update-initramfs.  I've
consilidated our changes into these two coherent patches:

 * #447609 (glibc): defer and consolidate executions of ldconfig
 * #447611 (initramfs-tools): ditto update-initramfs


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