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Re: Triggers status?

Raphael Hertzog writes ("Re: Triggers status?"):
> I just gave a quick look to your branch:
> - please rebase it on the current master branch (that way you're sure that
>   there are no conflicts)

I'm advised that I shouldn't rebase a published branch and overwrite
the original published location.

If I rebase this branch, will this cause trouble for my flex-based
parser branch, which I took off from the triggers code ?

> - please update your git identity, [...]
> - please update the commit logs, [...]

Is this really a worthwhile exercise ?

The commit messages came from debcommit which I think is a very useful
tool and helps keep debian/changelog up to date.  But if other people
working on dpkg don't like that way of working I can do it

If you can tell me how to fix the email address for future commits I'd
be happy to.  (The documentation isn't particularly well-structured
and this makes it hard to find for myself.)  I note that it's git's
mistake with my email address since anarres's /etc/mailname says
davenant.greenend.org.uk as it should, so git ought to have used

> - you can also restructure the serie of changes 

I think that all of these changes should be merged and the bugfixes
are both uncontroversial and in some sense necessary for triggers.
(The latter is the case because they're bugs I found while testing the
trigger processing, which suggests that the bugs aren't usually
exercised by pre-triggers code paths.)


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