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Re: Next upload 2007-09-30 (dpkg 1.14.7)

Raphael Hertzog writes ("Re: Next upload 2007-09-30 (dpkg 1.14.7)"):
>  please show some good will by also reviewing/updating/fixing
> the many patchs lying in the BTS. Instead, I've only seen you comment on
> some changes without proposing alternative patches and without much
> follow-up.

You're right.  I've had a look in the BTS and there is quite a bit of
stuff there that I should be dealing with.  What I would like to do
ideally is take these patches and update them and commit them directly
to a VCS.

I haven't yet pushed directly to the main git branch and I probably
shouldn't at least until our interaction via git is smoother.  So
I ought probably to make a branch of my own for these fixes.

If I do this I ought to start with the triggers branch I think to
avoid needless conflicts.  So can I have some kind of assurance that
my changes will be merged promptly ?


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