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Re: New Git repository

Peter Karlsson:

Yeah, if git is set up with a central repository, it should be just like cvs/svn (with the extra bonus that I can do incremental commits locally while I'm updating and just push everything when I'm done).

This seems to work fine. I did all my changes on a local branch in my cloned repository, then updated from the remote, merged [1] and pushed my changes. They now all show up in the web interface at git.debian.org, complete with the history of when I did the partial commits that I did while working on the translation.

[1] It seems that the "git merge branchname" that is listed in all the
    tutorials doesn't work, at least not with the version of git in
	Etch. I had to use a more complicated command line on the form
	"git merge 'commit message' master branchname".

\\// Peter - http://www.softwolves.pp.se/

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