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Re: New Git repository

Christian Perrier:

If we commit to the same branch all the time, I don't think so. That means using 3 commands for checkoutupdate/commit and nothing more.

Yeah, if git is set up with a central repository, it should be just like cvs/svn (with the extra bonus that I can do incremental commits locally while I'm updating and just push everything when I'm done).

The important point for translators is having a solid and very easy to identify reference. This is indeed why distributed development makes our life hard:

That depends on how often the various developer branches are merged, I think, and how difficult it is to identify the "master" branch that will go into production. It should also be easy to update and regenerate the .pot and .po files to make it easy to keep track of updates (I'm not quite sure how to do it with the dpkg repositories yet).

But, of course, the final freeze MUST include a string freeze.


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