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Developing the idea behind localepurge

The Debian archive is a general purpose one. As `localepurge` shows,
somebody likes to have less pressure on local root file system however.

I like to have light rootfs and what i've seen in `localepurge`
internals, made me angry. Thus, after some warm up, i've done completely
another tool. Written in `sh`, very flexible, very aggressive policy;
with easy to hack config file, i've wrote after last few weeks of sid
updates. Implemented cleaning things:

* removing any unrelated locale info, including from within files, like
  debconf templates,
* striping whitespace and comments from all scripts and sources
  (headers); i think for study and development source packages are
* removing unneeded files (on experienced user's opinion). Currently i
  store all usr/share/doc in /tmp after package install/upgrade, read
  needed changelogs and then remove all.

Advanced examples can be found in the bottom of the config file.
Python-like as well as C like syntax is available, mainly for fun.

Major pigs like "linux-image", "libc6", "locales" and headers in
development packages are handled. Next thing is emacs22, but i use 21 now
and did on-disk cleanup. While there's emacs??-nox, anyway too much
X/graphic crap still is in emacs??-common. Also X itself wasn't handled
yet, because i don't use it (so much).

I think, this kind of thing for sid and experimental is quite good. I
have 174M (/) and 5M (/var) of used space now. Mplayer (without X) and
Linux are built without any problems, emacs, lynx, ssh run OK. For
more details here's my

[0] toy <ftp://flower.upol.cz/geloiwa/>

 #oo'L O
<___=E M

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