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Re: merging dselect bugs resulting from "dpkg -iGROEB"

On Tue October 24 2006 03:30, Florent wrote:
> OK, I stand corrected. I would find it a bit weird, though, that
> someone starts working again on access methods other than APT,
> because that would sound to me as duplicating work.

Duplication is good in this instance.

APT has broken in Unstable in the past, and without dpkg-ftp the only 
recourse would have been to manually find, download, and install the 
new .deb or src... it was quicker and easier to change the Access 
method to FTP and carry on as normal.

Another possibility I am thinking of is totally new distribution 
schemes, which will be easier and safer to play with as independent 
dselect access methods than risk breaking APT.

- Bruce

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