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Re: merging dselect bugs resulting from "dpkg -iGROEB"


Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> wrote:

> I still use dselect with dpkg-ftp on all of my Debian systems,
> including the one I'm writing this mail on and my colo, chiark.
> It works just fine.  I do have to nursemaid it a bit, particularly
> when the dependencies are broken.

OK, I stand corrected. I would find it a bit weird, though, that someone
starts working again on access methods other than APT, because that
would sound to me as duplicating work. I mean, dpkg fulfills the most
low-level role, and is the only tool to do that; then, the next step in
the chain is delegated to APT (right, in most cases, but not yours),
then the next one (which is usually the last one) to

Therefore, working on other access methods than APT means working on
another handler for the second layer, while the usual handler (APT) is
not much criticized, AFAIS (I hope I am clear enough). Of course, this
makes sense if someone thinks he can do much better than APT by
rewriting it...

> I use dpkg -iGROEB on the dpkg-ftp download area without problem, too.

Sorry for my ignorance, what is this "dpkg-ftp download area", if you
don't mind explaining a bit?..


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