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merging dselect bugs resulting from "dpkg -iGROEB"


As part of my effort to clean up dselect's BTS entries so we can better 
see just how good (or bad, depending on your perspective) shape dselect 
is in it has become apparent the seven oldest Normal, Unclassified, 
Outstanding reports:

#6039, #7056, #7181, #8340, #10520, #11800, #12667
[see: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=dselect]

are all a consequence of dselect's native Access methods doing some 
variation of "dpkg -iGROEB", which was first reported as the wishlist 
item #4448.

I can understand why the seven have been left as Normal severity bugs 
even though they are really feature requests[1]... but since APT has 
come along and become the recommended higher level package management 
tool, dselect is able to oversee a somewhat smarter upgrade process and 
the simple approach used by its native access methods is much less 

Because of this I would like to "forcemerge" any Normal severity reports 
with the oldest Wishlist report. While such an action does nothing to 
decrease dselect's overall bug count, it does better reflect the 
reality of the situation.

Does anyone object to downgrading these reports to Wishlist?

- Bruce

[1] If dselect tried and failed to order an upgrade they would be bugs, 
but since it doesn't even try they are, technically, wishlist items.

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