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Re: merging dselect bugs resulting from "dpkg -iGROEB"

Florent Rougon writes ("Re: merging dselect bugs resulting from "dpkg -iGROEB""):
> I don't think anyone serious still uses a dselect access method other
> than APT; so IMHO, it is OK to merge these bugs and even tag them as
> wontfix.

I still use dselect with dpkg-ftp on all of my Debian systems,
including the one I'm writing this mail on and my colo, chiark.
It works just fine.  I do have to nursemaid it a bit, particularly
when the dependencies are broken.  I use dpkg -iGROEB on the dpkg-ftp
download area without problem, too.

I think the bug should remain `wishlist'.  One of these days some
luddite like me might get around to improving the situation ...


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