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Using GNU's install-info in Debian instead of dpkg's install-info


There are currently some issues on dpkg's install-info. The most
important one is that it does not support info files with multiple
sections (only the first section is taken into account) [0].

Reimplementing this missing feature in dpkg's install-info would
be a waste of time. Thus, the idea is to use the GNU's install-info.

A solution could be [1] to move the currently packaged ginstall-info
program into a separate package generated from the texinfo source
package (a symlink could be kept in case in case any package depends on
ginstall-info). This new package would have to be essential (or maybe a
Pre-Depends in dpkg is sufficient).

The transition I'm thinking about is:
 * First, make a package with the GNU's install-info. The GNU's
   install-info will probably have to be modified in order to be
   compatible with the current dpkg's install-info (see [2]).
   This package will have to "Replaces: dpkg"
   If this package is made Essential, it will have to be discussed on
 * Then a new dpkg depending (Pre-Depends) on this package will have to
   be uploaded, without install-info.
 * Then the Replaces field of the install-info package could be replaced
   by a versionned dependency on dpkg.

The transition must be finished before the essential freeze (Mon 30 Jul

It would also be nice to regenerate the /usr/share/info/dir file, but
I'm not sure it will be possible to do that without mofifying all
packages installing info files (because the maintainers can choose to
register the info file in a section different from the one defined in
the .info file, and thus the info entries of this package will not be
removed when the package is uninstalled).

This will have to be coordinated on debian-devel-announce. (I also
added debhelper in copy of this mail because we may require some changes
in dh_installinfo).

Norbert (texinfo maintainer), can you comment on this? Do you agree on
making a new package from the texinfo source?

[0] For example on coreutils, only 5% of the info entries are
    registered in /usr/share/info/dir

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg/2006/05/msg00033.html

[2] Comparison of dpkg's and GNU's install-info options:

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