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Re: Using GNU's install-info in Debian instead of dpkg's install-info

Dear all!

[Adding Karl Berry, upstream of texinfo, and bug-texinfo]

[For Karl and texinfo people: title says it all ...]

On Don, 18 Mai 2006, Nicolas FRANCOIS wrote:
> Hello,
> Reimplementing this missing feature in dpkg's install-info would
> be a waste of time. Thus, the idea is to use the GNU's install-info.

To be honest, that would be a perfect idea. I have had quite some
discussions with Karl Berry about merging the two install-info, as he
really often get bug reports from Debian users about the different
syntax. At that time I wrote a merge document which compares the two
command line syntax, but ...

> [2] Comparison of dpkg's and GNU's install-info options:
>     http://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg/2006/04/msg00026.html   

this one is better.

> A solution could be [1] to move the currently packaged ginstall-info
> program into a separate package generated from the texinfo source
> package (a symlink could be kept in case in case any package depends on
> ginstall-info). This new package would have to be essential (or maybe a
> Pre-Depends in dpkg is sufficient).

No problem with me.

> The transition I'm thinking about is:
>  * First, make a package with the GNU's install-info. The GNU's
>    install-info will probably have to be modified in order to be
>    compatible with the current dpkg's install-info (see [2]).
>    This package will have to "Replaces: dpkg"
>    If this package is made Essential, it will have to be discussed on
>    debian-devel.
>  * Then a new dpkg depending (Pre-Depends) on this package will have to
>    be uploaded, without install-info.
>  * Then the Replaces field of the install-info package could be replaced
>    by a versionned dependency on dpkg.
> The transition must be finished before the essential freeze (Mon 30 Jul
> 2006).

If we decide on this I would appreciate some support/review of the
packages of one of the real gurus, as as a NM (Marc is writing the DAM
report) I don't want to mess up everything ;-)

> This will have to be coordinated on debian-devel-announce. (I also
> added debhelper in copy of this mail because we may require some changes
> in dh_installinfo).

Or, as said, merge the command line arguments from Debian install-info
missing in GNU install-info, I guess it will not be too hard, and if one
of you want to give Karl a hand in fixing this up, it would even go

> Norbert (texinfo maintainer), can you comment on this? Do you agree on
> making a new package from the texinfo source?

Of course! How do we come to a conclusion on this topic? I think it is
up to the dpkg developer to decide.

Best wishes


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