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Re: Uh, translators won't be happy....

On Mon, Jan 23, 2006 at 06:37:44AM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Ming Hua (minghua@rice.edu):
> > I think something went wrong with the recent merging of PO files.
> I don't think so. Taking da.po as example, the fuzzy strings really
> have now only one trailing space in msgid...while there are two in the
> msgstr....

But the point is, the msgid in dpkg.pot never changed in the SVN
archive, it has always been having only one trailing space...

> So, I'm afraid that these are real fuzzies because of a real change in
> the POT after re-generating it....


I digged into the SVN archive a little bit more and had the following
findings:  Take the da.po for example, currently (r28) in the line
863-866, it has the following fuzzy string:

#: lib/showcright.c:33
#, fuzzy
msgid "cannot open GPL file "
msgstr "kan ikke åbne GPL-fil  "

But previously in r15, it has on line 867-869:

#: lib/showcright.c:33
msgid "cannot open GPL file "
msgstr "kan ikke åbne GPL-fil "

This msgid in POT file never changed.  So what happened?  There is only
one checkin for da.po between r15 and HEAD, r25, with the log "Correct
typo in dpkg help message (thanks Clytie) and unfuzzy translations", and
in the diff from r15 to r25:

 #: lib/showcright.c:33
-msgid "cannot open GPL file "
-msgstr "kan ikke åbne GPL-fil "
+msgid "cannot open GPL file  "
+msgstr "kan ikke åbne GPL-fil  "

Then in the diff from r25 to r28 (HEAD):

 #: lib/showcright.c:33
-msgid "cannot open GPL file  "
+#, fuzzy
+msgid "cannot open GPL file "
 msgstr "kan ikke åbne GPL-fil  "

So the checkin r25 messed up.  Looking at zh_CN.po, this r25 checkin
also broke the comment header format as I mentioned, and removed the
obselete translation entries at the end of the file (which is still
considered useful and kept there intentionally).  It would be nice to
fix those as well (not critical to zh_CN, as we have our seperate SVN

Christian, if you are too busy to fix this, I think I can help.  Also, a
mail to debian-i18n warning translators not to worry about dpkg
translation until this is sorted out would be good.

(not subscribed, would appreciate cc:)


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