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Re: dpkg accelerators

Quoting Nathanael Nerode (neroden@twcny.rr.com):
> Christain Perrier wrote:
> >I think that we will probably propose to completely abandon dselect
> >after etch release. 
> Please don't.  Some of us are very happy with dselect and still don't consider 
> aptitude a usable replacement.
> If dselect ever manages to get broken out into a separate source package from 
> dpkg (a very good goal), I would totally take it over.  I haven't been able 
> to figure out how to detangle it from dpkg, however, so I haven't done so.

At least, I'll try to get someone working on removing dselect strings
from the main dpkg PO file and move them into another PO file with the
goal "don't waste translator's time"....:)

Anyway, is there a reason for you not joining the dpkg team,
Nathanael...and thus maintaining dselect inside dpkg in the meantime?

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