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Re: Debian vs Red Hat??? I need info.

Steve Morocho <steve@newdream.net> a écrit :

| I agree, rpm is not a piece of crap.  deb packages are a lot harder to
| create for the novice users.  There is not much documentation to help in
| this area either.  Also, when updates are released .debs are usually the
| last to be released (because someone usually
| has to hack an .rpm or something similar)  When security is an issue,
| .rpms are usually quicker to be released and thus should never be
| discounted.  It is fast becoming the standard package system in the
| industry.

.deb are perhaps harder to create but some tools reduce this creation to a
simple make once all is installed.

There is perhaps not much documentation but :
# ls /usr/man/man1/dh*|wc -l

Everybody knows that .deb are usually the last to be released to increase
stability for .deb packages. When security is an issue .rpm and .deb are
both tested and it would be great to have statistics to know which is the
quicker to be installed and used.

.deb is already a standard package system in the industry. And again it
would be nice to have statistics to confirm this purely subjective
statement :)


mverdier@chez.com (Michel Verdier)

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