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Re: Debian vs Red Hat??? I need info.

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Morocho <steve@newdream.net> writes:

    Steve> I agree, rpm is not a piece of crap.  deb packages are a
    Steve> lot harder to create for the novice users.  There is not
    Steve> much documentation to help in this area either.  Also, when
    Steve> updates are released .debs are usually the last to be
    Steve> released (because someone usually has to hack an .rpm or
    Steve> something similar) When security is an issue, .rpms are
    Steve> usually quicker to be released and thus should never be
    Steve> discounted.  It is fast becoming the standard package
    Steve> system in the industry.

 Point to ponder:  Are these really statements of fact, or are they
 just marketeering claims from "press releases"?

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