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Re: Debian vs Red Hat??? I need info.

At 07:29 PM 5/16/00 -0400, Jeremy Hansen wrote:
>I'm a long time Red Hat user.  Basically the company I'm working for is

Sorry about that. :)

>Dpkg vs RPM

RPM is a piece of crap compared to dpkg, and now we have apt (advanced
package tool).  It's a handler for dpkg, but it's intelligent.  The killer
feature is its ability to do *recursive upgrades of your entire box* in
order, with dependacies. I had to use rpm once and I really felt hobbled by
it's lack of information.

For a real world example [TM], rpm tells you what *files* a package depends
on while dpkg tells you what *packages* a package depends on.  The latter is
incredibly more useful.

Another example, say you want to upgrade a package, but the new version
depends on newer versions of other packages and maybe even a new pacakge.
Apt will find out what packages you need, install them in order, and then
install the package you want.  Let's see rpm do that.  Debian even has a
utility to install rpm packages!  So any custom legacy red had packs you
have you can carry over into Debian.

>Customization of the distro

Very easily.  You can make .debs to your heart's content.

>Autoinstall (Red Hat's kickstart)
>	This is also something fairly important.  We need this as we do a
>	lot of mass installs.

For mass installs, just make a standard issue CD, boot from that CD, and
copy over the OS.  Or you could even make a disk image and dd it onto the
hard drive.  That assumes you have the same hard drive in all the machines.
You can turn a 20GB drive into a 10GB drive. :)  But even if you have 4 or 5
different hard drives in your organization, using disk images will still
save you tons of time.  Thats what we do at GE, if somebody has a funky
problem with their machine, we don't reinstall Windows and all the apps, we
just reimage the hard disk.

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