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Re: Debian vs Red Hat??? I need info.

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Wagner <wagnerc@plebeian.com> writes:

    Chris> For mass installs, just make a standard issue CD, boot from that CD, and
    Chris> copy over the OS.  Or you could even make a disk image and dd it onto the
    Chris> hard drive.  That assumes you have the same hard drive in all the machines.
    Chris> You can turn a 20GB drive into a 10GB drive. :)  But even if you have 4 or 5
    Chris> different hard drives in your organization, using disk images will still
    Chris> save you tons of time.  Thats what we do at GE, if somebody has a funky
    Chris> problem with their machine, we don't reinstall Windows and all the apps, we
    Chris> just reimage the hard disk.

 It's much better to `cfdisk', `mkswap', `mke2fs' the drive, then use
 `cpio' to copy the filesystems.  See my other message for more
 detail.  This works even when the drives are not the same size, and
 when the partitioning structure is different.  You can run the `cpio'
 across the net too, afaik.  (I know it works over NFS.)

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