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On Fri, Aug 13, 1999 at 02:29:58PM -0400, Guy Hulbert wrote:
> GH> This is *really* annoying behaviour.  Of course I could manually reselect
> GH> all the packages that were deselected  ... why don't I just go out and by
> GH> windows ???

You really need to get apt up and running.  Apt would have reported to you
that dselect was about to remove several packages.

Also, when you deselected exim, didn't dselect come back and tell you that
several dependancies were broken as a result?  It should have showed you a
list of packages that were affected, and why.  This has always been the
case when I use dselect.

The reason that those packages were removed is that they depend on
"mail-transport-agent" which is provided by exim.  With exim gone, these
packages can no longer work.

When dselect tells you that these packages are broken, and will be removed
you can press 'X' to cancel the package removals.  Then you can select to
install sendmail, and these packages will not be removed.

I agree with you that this type of thing needs to be addressed in a FAQ or
some other such documentation mechanism.

> However, during the process I hit another annoyance.  It seems that 'dselect'
> is required to print the status of *every* package to the screen on "Install".
> I have always found this to be a *real* pain (the i/o time to the screen
> probably dominates on small changes).  Much better default behaviour would
> be only to display messages on packages whose status is changed by the present
> run.

This is a result of the "Access Method" you are using with dselect.  If
you used the APT method, you would have seen a list of changes.

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