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On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Jon Marler wrote:


JM> You really need to get apt up and running.  Apt would have reported to you
JM> that dselect was about to remove several packages.

Yep.  I'm looking at this.

JM> Also, when you deselected exim, didn't dselect come back and tell you that
JM> several dependancies were broken as a result?  It should have showed you a
JM> list of packages that were affected, and why.  This has always been the
JM> case when I use dselect.

Yes.  The "conflict-resolution" screens are another annoyance.  I'd prefer
it if 'dselect' would wait and give me a single one when I hit <RETURN>.
This is another thing that I've seen turn people away from debian.

JM> The reason that those packages were removed is that they depend on
JM> "mail-transport-agent" which is provided by exim.  With exim gone, these
JM> packages can no longer work.

Yes I know.  What I should have done is select sendmail first.  As I'd
forgotten to do this, I should have reselected all the packages but there
were about 10 of them and I was feeling impatient ...

I think the right thing to do here is to bring up a screen with:
    "this package provides mail transport (or X)
     which is required for N other packages"

	(A) Cancel
	(B) Select an alternate of packages which provides X:
		(i)  Smail
		(ii) Sendmail
	    and procede to conflict resolution.
	(C) Defer to Conflict resolution (see above).

JM> When dselect tells you that these packages are broken, and will be removed
JM> you can press 'X' to cancel the package removals.  Then you can select to
JM> install sendmail, and these packages will not be removed.
JM> I agree with you that this type of thing needs to be addressed in a FAQ or
JM> some other such documentation mechanism.

I'm offering to do this ... :)


JM> This is a result of the "Access Method" you are using with dselect.  If
JM> you used the APT method, you would have seen a list of changes.

Thanks.  This is a useful tidbit.


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