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On Fri, 13 Aug 1999, Guy Hulbert wrote:


GH> Please don't take this personally, but dselect is HORRIBLE.  I showed


An Example:

I am running dselect on slink.  I've just found another new dselect annoyance
probably a (mis-) feature.  This one reminds me of ms Windows.

I ran dselect once and let it install the standard base-install.

Then I ran it again, intending to remove "exim" and replace it by "sendmail"
(as I always do --- used to remove "smail").  Unfortunately, I should have
probably just selected sendmail (wayyyy down at the bottom ... WHY ???? --
rhetorical; I think I know).  Unselecting "exim" also blew away things like
'at', 'cron' ... oh hell.  So I quit dselect and started again AND IT
if I select sendmail, I'll get them back ... nope.

This is *really* annoying behaviour.  Of course I could manually reselect
all the packages that were deselected  ... why don't I just go out and by
windows ???

I know this is a feature (and I've probably made use of it myself in the past)
is there any way to restore the database globally without actually deleting or
reinstalling things ???  I'll play at restoring manually but if this is too
much of a pain, I'll have to restart from scratch.

By the way, the comment on Exim:
   "This MTA is rather easier to configure than smail or sendmail ..."
is only true if you don't already know how to configure sendmail (which is
trivially easy for recent versions --- a colleague at my last employer, who
had never configured sendmail before, managed to create his own custom M4 to
implement spam filters in about 15-30 minutes unaided --- and that was the
only configuration required).

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